HV Engineers design, supply and certify a huge range of lifting equipment. We keep certain products on the shelf while others are made to order with a small turn around. These products are:


HV Engineers design and supply lifting and spreader beams for most applications. From small units with 100kg working load limits to 100 tonne units with working load limits, or even higher upon request.

The configuration of the lifting beam depends on what our customers require to safely lift their equipment.

We have off the shelf adjustable units that have a range of sizes between lifting centres.


HV Engineers design and supply winch frames for many applications. Our standard winch is a compact unit featuring a 240v single-phase supply, powered through a variable speed drive so that the users can pre‐set the speed. Our standard off the shelf winch is detailed below. However we can make winches for near any application.


Line Pull working: 500kg
Line pull at stall: 970kg
Mass: 50kg
Speed: (variable) 0‐16m/min
Brake: YES
Rope diameter: 6mm
Rope capacity: 30m
Power: 2.2 kw
Supply: 240V


HV Engineers have a range of block lifters that are specifically designed for lifting concrete blocks used in the building and construction industries. We can custom design block lifters for any application if we don’t already have a design.


HV Engineers design and supply crane cages for the conveyance of goods or for people to safely work from. We have standard designs which are Work Cover certified or we make custom made sizes and ranges that are based on our customer’s needs. The cages can be open or have a roof.


Moving welding gas bottles around site is a cumbersome job. It can also be a safety hazard lifting the bottles. For this purpose, HV Engineers supply a gas bottle trolley that doubles up as a lifting frame which is fully certified.


HV Engineers design and supply fork jibs for fork lifts of many sizes.


Can’t see what you need? Give us a call. We are not restricted by what other manufacturers have made in the past. HV Engineers can custom design, supply and certify equipment for most applications. Our photo gallery shows lifting beams our engineers have designed to lift 120 tonne trains!

HV Engineers custom design, supply and certify equipment for most applications. Fill out the enquiry form below with your request and we will get back to you shortly.