Steel Fabrication

Our Fabrication capabilities include small and large structures that are put together by our qualified boilermakers and welders.


Our fabricators  use procedures related to AS1554.1:2011 Structural Steel Welding – Part 1: Welding of Steel Structures when fabricating steel.

Prefabricated Assemblies

For ease of installation fabricated structures can be made as segmented pieces that can be produced in the workshop under controlled conditions and then shipped easily before being bolted/erected on site.

Blasting and Painting

HV Engineers Newcastle can organise blasting and painting services to fulfil our customer’s expectations. Blasting and painting is carried out to Australian standards using applicable grit and paint.

We have a standard 3 coat painting specification that we use that provides a hardy surface coating that is accepted and proven in mining applications. However, we can provide a surface coating to any specification provided.


All materials sourced for our fabrications are made to Australian standards and material certificates can be obtained upon request.

Non Destructive Testing

Steel Fabrications are tested for defects after completion using Magnetic particle testing equipment. Areas that do not pass the testing are repaired and rechecked prior to surface coating.

Profile Cutting

Plasma, Laser or Water Jet cutting of steel plates.

HV Engineers custom design, supply and certify equipment for most applications. Fill out the enquiry form below with your request and we will get back to you shortly.